Donald Cameron, Lochiel of the Scottish Highlands

Donald Cameron of Lochiel





History of Clan Connon

Donald Camera of Lochiel

April 2, 2017

Donald Camera of Lochiel

Donald Cameron of Lochiel (c.1700 – October 1748), was an influential Highland Chief known for his magnanimous and gallant nature. He was the hereditary leader of Clan Cameron, traditionally loyal to the exiled House of Stuart, whose leaders had once been tasked with enforcing the King of Scotland’s will, especially in the Lowlands. In the early eighteenth century the Camerons’ supremacy was being overtaken by the rival Campbells. Lochiel’s support for Bonnie Prince Charliewas pivotal to the Jacobite Rising of 1745, and was uncertain. However, he was effectively pushed into a corner by the issue of a warrant for his arrest for conspiring with the Stuarts.

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